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New York boasts some of the best oculofacial plastic surgeons in the nation. As a second generation New York surgeon who is repeatedly listed as a "Top Doctor" and recognized in the press, Dr. James R. Gordon continually strives to be the best doctor for his patients. Every patient and their thoughts are very important to Dr. Gordon and he appreciates them taking the time to give their honest feedback. Dr. Gordon invites you to read through these patient reviews to learn more about him and his practice.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: UCompareHealthcare  |  Nov 21, 2016

I first decided to visit Dr. Gordon after reading about him in "Westchester's Top Doctors" Magazine. I read about a variety of procedures he does - including eyelid surgery which I have ALWAYS been interested in. Within about 10 minutes of entering his beautiful and spacious office, a friendly assistant whisked me back to one of Dr. Gordon;s rooms. I explained to him my growing concern of the unattractive sagging skin around my eyes. More importantly, I told him of how nervous I was to have an operation done so close to my eyes. Dr. Gordon was extremely kind and professional. I was able to see so many before and after photos of past patients - all of whom looked great just a few weeks post op. He was extremely attentive to all of my questions and concerns and did not let me leave until I understood the procedure. He did NOT try to push me into having surgery. He wanted me to go home, talk about it with my family, and decide after careful consideration. This comforting bedside manner is really what made me decide to trust and stick with Dr. Gordon. There was no need to look elsewhere because I he had my trust from the very beginning. I had the procedure and a few months ago and I feel and look so much younger! Since things went so perfectly & I have so much faith in Dr. Gordon's work, I decided to schedule a laser skin resurfacing appointment with him. Just after a short laser procedure, all those pesky fine lines on my face are gone and I feel so much more youthful. My confidence has shot through the roof & I am so grateful for having met Dr. Gordon. I highly reccommend him to all of my friends. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: UCompareHealthcare  |  Oct 16, 2015

Beautiful eyes & lips - I had my under eyes filled with Restylane to fill up the hollowness. In addition, Dr. Gordon used Juvederm on my lips to add fullness to it. I like my results very much. My eyes and lips look natural, but much better than before. Dr. Gordon has a great eye in details and also the overall balance of the facial anatomy. His office is modern and comfortable, his staff is also very polite. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Gordon. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: UCompareHealthcare  |  May 05, 2015

I really don't think there's a better doctor than Dr. Gordon out there. The day I met Dr. Gordon was one of my best days and decision of my life. Dr. Gordon literally "uplifted" me with upper and lower blepharoplasty, along with skin laser around the sensitive areas around my eyes. He is a master of the eyes who knows not just the anatomy well, but also understands the art of the aesthetic aspect. The outcome is amazing, better than I had expected. I do not look like I had eye surgery. Nothing was too obvious. Everything seems so natural. Because Dr. Gordon is also a trainer for other doctors, he was so skilled in the way he used laser around my eyes to remove my wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Most importantly, all the procedures were done within my budget without any pressure. Truly the best! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: UCompareHealthcare  |  Mar 15, 2015

I could not be more pleased!! Dr. Gordon removed a cataract from both eyes very recently- he is the best! The office staff, as well as the Surgery Center staff, are terrific, too. I highly recommend him! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: UCompareHealthcare  |  Jan 18, 2015

Ive been interested in getting upper eyelid surgery for the longest time but the search for the right surgeon is not always an easy task. Prior to consulting with Dr Gordon, I viewed many other surgeons websites and even consulted with several occuplastic surgeons, but was not very impressed in the end. One of the key things I look for before booking a surgery is the patient-doctor relationship (hopefully, you establish that before leaving the first consultation) but importantly to me is also the quality of the work. You may have already been drawn to consult with a particular surgeon via some channel. i.e. the reputation among his peers/community, a personal referral by a former patient, or perhaps very good reviews of his work/results on a website or plastic surgery chat forum. Whatever it may be, that consult is only the first step in the journey. I believe you really have to establish that trust before you even think you will book surgery with any surgeon. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Gordons credentials and awards as they are clearly stated on his website, but in the past I have discovered (with other surgeons websites) that while this can be helpful, it is not always the reliable indicator of results as one might think. Now, Dr. Gordon has those crucial credentials that any prudent patient would seek, but again; what is even more impressive to me are his results: how natural and beautiful his eyelid results really are. Since not every surgery will go as planned; (any honest surgeon thats been around long enough will tell you at least that much) just a sprinkling of beautiful results here and there is not going convince me or any one that knows aesthetic excellence. There has to be a definite pattern of beautiful results time and time again or what I call consistency. I believe that if you have consistency of results as well as a good solid relationship between you and the doctor, then you will have automatically made a significant increase in your chance for success. Dr. Gordon is very easy to talk to and eager to understand exactly what you want and desire. He is not hesitant to tell you if what you want is not realistic or if he feels it would not be in your best interest. In the short run, such honesty might lose him or any surgeon that honest some potential business, but in the long run, I'm certain that such honesty and straight shooting are some of the qualities that will, ironically, draw even more patients to his business than he can shake a stick at ... karma has a funny way of working like that when you are actually looking out for the patient.It is evident to me that Dr. Gordon's years of experience have clearly developed an eye that is sharply calibrated for creating the natural but refreshed-looking eyes. The bonus here is that he respects and listens to his patients but will adjust their expectations if necessary. And because Dr. Gordon is a down-to-earth and personable guy, you ultimately leave a consult with him feeling like you always knew him. He happily answered all my questions and even asked if I had any more, I never felt rushed and booked surgery on that consult day because I was confident that he would get the job done and get it done right. I am now six weeks post-op from upper eyelid surgery and so happy to announce that he delivered the beautiful and natural results that I so desired for so many years. My instincts about him were right on point all along. Dr. Gordon was meticulous and neat in his stitching work and my healing process was smooth and uneventful. Whats more is that there is a noticeable and definitive change in my appearance for the better, but because its so natural looking, people only sense something is better about me while not being quite sure what it actually is. I so love that! After all, you dont want to look like you had work done but only that you are a refreshed and improved version of yourself. I've seen other eyelid work by other surgeons where the patients look like they sat on a bunch of tacks. You never have to worry about getting the done-surprised look with Dr. Gordon. Last but not least, his staff is bright and cheerful, willing to accommodate and move you through their process with a genuine and warm attitude. I not only received the gorgeous results that I've been wanting but the whole experience of being a Dr. Gordon patient was wonderful and cannot be overstated as top-notch patient care.The after-care and follow up phone calls from the doctor himself show a truly caring and compassionate human being and one that I would not hesitate to refer others for eyelid surgery. If you are concerned about your eyelids and are looking for beautiful and natural results then I strongly encourage you to discover my experience for yourself and book a consult with Dr. Gordon. I would also encourage you to do it soon before too many other people discover him and it becomes too hard to even see him. Thank you Dr. Gordon, you have made a difference in my life that I will always appreciate and cherish. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: UCompareHealthcare  |  Dec 15, 2014

Westchester Eye Associates is an excellent facility with a very competent and courteous staff. Dr. James R. Gordon is awesome! I checked his credentials before scheduling my appointment. I was having a horrible time driving at night as oncoming headlights were close to blinding. Dr. Gordon explained all the options available to both me and my daughter to correct my vision. He performed cataract surgery on both eyes in November 2014, using the Femto Laser and implanting the ReStor lenses. The surgery went very smoothly and the recovery was amazing ...I was able to see the very next day without my glasses. I was very apprehensive about eye surgery and am really thankful that I had such a greatly skilled surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. James R. Gordon to everyone who needs the services of an ophthalmologist. More

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